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AI Is Here for Commercial Refrigeration. Don’t you want it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an aspect of everyday life. E-commerce, smartphones, social media, manufacturing, appliances and almost everything else has some form of AI.

AI and advanced machine learning algorithms analyze streams of data to gain insights and optimize performance of almost every system. Commercial refrigeration, food retail and foodservice are no exception.

AI is not a new concept for the food retail and foodservice industries. AI assists in customer service related areas such as personalizing their consumer rewards and loyalty programs. It also assists in food purchasing and tracking. And it also exists in refrigeration, assisting with equipment maintenance, food storage issues and energy management.

The advantages that AI offers are numerous. It delivers significant reliability and longevity benefits to commercial refrigeration equipment, it optimizes food quality and safety and reduce waste, it tracks and contributes to enhancement of employee practices and helps to monitor energy and equipment use.

So how can you get this AI for your commercial refrigeration units?

Our ArtikControl™ WIC & WIF is a state of the art Intelligent Energy Saving Refrigeration Controller for the retro-fit of Walk-In Coolers & Freezers.

A configurable energy saving refrigeration controller for the retrofit of walk-in cooler and freezers with: web-based scheduling and set-point optimization; integrated evaporator controls; adaptive defrost controls; failure alarming; predictive diagnostics and ready for demand-side-management (DSM) program integration and, all while offering remote monitoring and control from anywhere via a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

“Arti” our ArtikControl™ Dashboard offers real-time information, remote access, and intelligent energy controls. Giving you the constant information you need to monitor your systems. The flexibility of ArtikControl™ allows for the inclusion of multiple locations and multiple systems (walk-in boxes; reach-in displays and portable units) into one cohesive, technology-managed solution. Arti’s user-friendly interface allows for easy, onsite adjustment and the networked solution allows for remote access and appropriate levels of information to be communicated specific to each stakeholder. In addition to reducing expense, the solution enhances more accurate budgeting and elimination of operational inefficiencies using reliable technology controls.

Want more? Here is a list of more benefits:

  • Implement more predictive maintenance schedules
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Keep assets running in optimum condition
  • Controls Evaporator Fans; Room Temperature; Compressor/Liquid Line Solenoid; Defrost Heaters while providing Multiple Alarms.
  • Energy Savings Verified by Third Party Administrators & Engineers
  • Quantifiable System Savings between 50-75% over antiquated Motors and Mechanical Controls.
  • Maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor run times resulting from shorter defrost cycles.
  • Eliminates ice formation on floors and ceilings associated with defrost times and cycles.
  • Reduction in excessive temperature that occur with mechanical defrost units.
  • Use of Latent Energy in the box reducing compressor run times.
  • Fresher Product and Longer shelf life.
  • ArtikControl™ Communicates via a Smartphone; Tablet; Laptop or PC remotely, wherever internet or WiFi service is available. This provides ability to receive alarms/text messages right to your handheld devises.
  • Provides datalogging in 90 second intervals and is stored for 30 days for HACCP Food Safety Verification and Troubleshooting Purposes.
  • Our ICE 59sp PWM Motors offer a quieter work environment.
  • Payback Less than 24 Months on Average (based on kWh).

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