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Refrigeration Technologies created “Arti” – Siri’s Cousin – to meet the unique needs of restaurants and convenience stores.

Energy management needed to be simplified making it more adaptable to fit restaurants and convenience stores.  It was our goal to create a solution that made sense for your operation. ArtikControl™ Dashboard “Arti” offers real-time information, remote access, and intelligent energy controls. An added benefit of deploying an energy management solution is the improved energy-saving behavior to everyone in your organization.

Energy expense remains one of the main concerns for small box retail operations.

Until recently, gaining control of refrigeration equipment in a simple, manageable solution seemed out of reach for this market. ArtikControl™ Technologies utilizes a solution to bring together loss mitigation and energy management in a simple solution. Customers are pleased with immediate cost reduction of energy expense and improved reliability gained by these controlled systems. Expansion and flexibility make this energy management solution attractive to operations looking to avoid being restricted by volatile energy fluctuations.

The flexibility of ArtikControl™ allows for the inclusion of multiple locations and multiple systems (walk-in boxes; reach-in displays and portable units) into one cohesive, technology-managed solution. User-friendly interface allows for easy, onsite adjustment and the networked solution allows for remote access and appropriate levels of information to be communicated specific to each stakeholder. In addition to reducing expense, the solution enhances more accurate budgeting and elimination of operational inefficiencies using reliable technology controls.

The time has come where technology, control and access can meet the needs of the small box retail operations who run commercial refrigeration systems. Whether you are a quick serve restaurant, convenience store or casual dining restaurant, ArtikControl™ can begin to reveal potential energy savings through the scheduling of our No- Obligation Energy/Loss Mitigation Energy Assessment.   

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