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ArtikControl™ WIC & WIF

ArtikControl™ WIC & WIF is a state of the art Intelligent Energy Saving Refrigeration Controller for the retro-fit of Walk-In Coolers & Freezers. A configurable energy saving Refrigeration Controller for the retrofit of walk-in cooler and freezers with: web-based scheduling and set-point optimization; integrated evaporator controls; adaptive defrost controls; failure alarming; predictive diagnostics and ready for demand-side-management (DSM) program integration and, all while offering remote monitoring and control from anywhere via a SmartPhone, Tablet or Laptop.

The ArtikControl™ Controller produces quick and reliable returns for customers of < than 2 years!

With the addition of a wireless interface card ArtikControl™ can be managed and monitored through the internet or connected to existing BMS and SCADA systems.

The ArtikControl™ comes with an unprecedented Five (5) year Warranty! Refrigeration Technologies’ products are 100% tested proven and offer quantifiable Savings.


  • Maximum Energy Efficiency +
  • Reduced Spoilage +
  • Reduced Liability =
  • Peace of Mind!


  • Scheduling and Set-Point Optimization
  • Integrated Evaporator Controls
  • Adaptive Defrost Control
  • Failure Alarming
  • Integration To Demand-Side-Management (DSM) programs
  • Predictive & Preventative Maintenance


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