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ArtikControl™ ACHC
Heater Controllers

Designed specifically for reach-in glass display cases, ArtikControl™ ACHC: Anti-Condensate Heater Controllers maximizes not only energy efficiency but also saves you money!! This innovative Smart Technology Regulates the operation of the heating elements by turning them on only when condensation is detected. Just like a Dimmer – automatically adjusting the heater output to match real-world operating conditions in your store. Therefore, it helps keep display cases free of sweat, frost, and ice!! The controllers can be easily installed in existing cases with no additional wires needed.

Typically, you can achieve savings from 45-90% using  ArtikControl™ ACHC but what does it mean in real dollars?  In areas where you pay 14 cents/kWh, it could add up to $85.00/cooler door or $150.00/freezer door per year! If your store has 20 cooler doors = $1,700 savings + 12 freezer doors = $1,800 savings!! Total = $3,500/year savings on just your doors!! Not to mention reduced wear and tear on the heating elements!!



  • Only (1) Controller per Bank of Reach-in Coolers and/or Freezers required.
  • Only (1) Relay per Reach-in Cooler and (2) Relays per Reach-in Freezer. One is for the door and one is for the Frame Heaters.
  • State of the Art Dew Point Sensors activate the heaters only when the threat of condensation is detected.


  • Maximum Energy Efficiency
  • Reduced Spoilage
  • Reduced Liability
  • Peace of Mind!

Take your Refrigeration from the Ice Age to the Infomation Age!