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ArtikControl™ Anti-Condensate Heater Controllers

ArtikControl™ ACHC – Anti-Condensate Heater Controllers are for glass reach-in- display cases to maximize energy efficiency and to save Money! The innovative Smart Technology regulates the operation of the heating elements by turning them on only when condensation is detected. Just like a Dimmer – automatically adjusting the heater output to match real-world operating conditions in your store. Therefore, it helps keep display cases free of sweat, frost and ice! The Controllers can easily be installed in existing cases with no additional wires needed.

Typically, you can save 45-90% using ArtikControl™ ACHC by controlling operational costs. What does it mean in real dollars? In areas where you pay 14 cents/kWh, it could add up to $85.00/cooler door or $150/freezer door, per year! If you are a store owner that has 20 coolers doors = $1700 + 12 freezer doors = $1,800 = $3500 a year savings, just on your doors!


  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Save Money
  • Regulates operation of heating elements
  • On only when condensation is detected


ArtikControl™ ACHC Technical Data


ArtikControl™ ACHC Explanation