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"a great return on investment"
"we’ve doubled the energy savings that was projected"
"our electricity bill has dropped 20-25% four months in a row"
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"On behalf of the Beer & Pop Discount Warehouse in Erie, Pennsylvania, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with the outstanding results following the installation of Regal Beloit EC Motors and the EC Motor Controllers! In just two months, we’ve doubled the energy savings that was projected. That savings equates for a 25% decrease in our utility bill. Now that’s talking. I have to admit, I approached this whole Energy Upgrade with skepticism. ‘Spending money to save money’ has always made me leery, however, I thought there was likely something to be gained. Not only have we realized energy savings, but also, with the reduction in cycles and heat, we expect the life of our compressors to be extended. And with the fans running on low speed, our employees don’t have to shout over the fan noise and they have had an easier time hearing approaching forklifts. I was also impressed with how easy the installation process was. I really expected there would be complications and I was somewhat concerned about the installation costs. When all was said and done, I was pleasantly surprised on both parts."
Peter Siriani, President
Beer & Pop Discount Warehouse: Erie, Pennsylvania
"When we were approached with the proposal for the Regal Beloit® EC Motors and EC Motor Controllers… we questioned whether the system could deliver the efficiencies Refrigeration Technologies claimed. We were more than pleased with the results. An average overall electrical costs savings of 30% has been realized after all of the equipment was installed on our coils. I did a cost break down on the overall electricity saving that we have realized. The breakdown is as follows: Using the district’s kWh Rate, Refrigeration Technologies calculated the Susquehanna School District would save conservatively $3692.84 per year and reduce their carbon footprint 45,512.60 lbs per year with a 17 month ROI payback. The results have far surpassed the initial analysis and the School District will see direct savings to their bottom line!!"
Scott Udit, Facilities Manager
Susquehanna Township School District
"Due to ever-tightening budget constraints in public school funding, it has become critical to look at more cost-effective methods of operation, and from a facilities standpoint, energy-management is at the top of that list. After being introduced to the Regal Beloit EC Motors and the EC Motor Controller equipment, I immediately began discussions with our electrical provider over possible incentives being offered that might help with the up-front costs. Our provider approved the product as an effective way to reduce energy consumption and covered the entire cost of equipment and installation. “We have been able to implement EC Motors and the EC Motor Controllers at 14 school kitchen facilities and a total of 30 evaporator coil units. I hired a local installer and installation was simple and immediately effective. The motors are of high quality and I like the five-year warranty. To date we have seen no negative effects and the controllers work as advertised. I have confidence that this equipment will provide a great return on investment and would recommend this product be considered by any entity that deals with commercial refrigeration systems."
Tim Bruner, Facilities Project Manager
Magnolia Independent School District, Texas
"We’ve had the system about four months now, and one of the great things we’ve experienced so far is that our electricity bill has dropped 20-25% four months in a row. Even without incentives, I’m looking at a payback of about two years on these Regal Beloit EC Motors and EC Motor Controllers. With a five-year warranty that gets me three years of profit. I’m very happy about that. The performance has been excellent. We’re in day eight or nine of 90+ degree weather in Philly and I’ve yet to experience any issues with the fans, and the coolers are holding their temperature. That was one of my concerns initially. As you know sometimes with energy upgrades there is a drop in performance. But we’ve had no drop in performance with these units. I’m very happy."
Matt Guyer, Owner
The Beer Yard, Wayne, PA