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ArtikControl™ WIC & WIF

ArtikControl™ WIC & WIF is a state of the art Intelligent Energy Saving Refrigeration Controller for the retro-fit of Walk-In Coolers & Freezers. The Controller offers remote monitoring and control from anywhere via a SmartPhone, Tablet or Laptop.

ArtikControl™ ACHC

ArtikControl™ ACHC – Anti-Condensate Heater Controllers are for glass reach-in- display cases to maximize energy efficiency and to save Money! The innovative Smart Technology regulates the operation of the heating elements.

ArtikControl™ FSC

Our 2-speed motor controller utilizes state-of-the-art technology to control the fan speed of EC Motors inside evaporator boxes. When the evaporator coil is not being refrigerated, the EC Motor Controller turns the motors to low speed.

ArtikControl™ SA

Check back on August 1st to find out more about our new Stand Alone Monitoring Device