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About Us

It all starts with helping a client outside an industry.  Then it develops into ideas.  One to save energy.  Two to reduce the carbon footprint.  Three to add controls and monitoring.  How does one handle the ROI to return value to our clients?  How can we take everything that our Clients are asking for, add controls and machine learning capabilities and put it all into one box? One Design? One System?  Plus, make it affordable so that people with commercial refrigeration systems will not only want to buy it but have it installed.  How does One Company create a revolution in an industry that is antiquated and dated and focus them on making the necessary changes to bring their systems into the Technological age of Artificial Intelligence? 

That is how it started with the Engineers at Refrigeration Technologies.  We were experts in our chosen industry until a Client challenged us with a frustration and as every great idea spawns a new company, a new search to design, manufacture and distribute the ArtikControl™ line of products for use in walk-in boxes; Reach-ins and stand-alone units.  We are Not a company driven to sell a product but rather a company that is dedicated to helping our End-User Clients save money and energy by thinking outside the Box.  We have been passionate about Sustainability before the word was even used in many vocabularies. 

Our Team invites the challenge every day in finding solutions to Cold Storage Efficiency Measures.  But just as we are passionate about Sustainability and Controls, we are in making sure that we “Pay It Forward” in our actions and Support for those Less Fortunate than us.  We strive to Donate 5% of our Net Profits to Animal Related 501 ( c) 3 Charitable Organization and 5% to a Veteran Related Project. 

For our Team of Engineers, it is providing Peace of Mind to our Refrigeration Clients knowing that their food and or product is viable for use and consumption.

Finally, our company is Veteran Owned.  Steven Wezel our CEO retired as a Captain from the United States Army Combat Division.