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You don’t have to replace your equipment, just retrofit it for energy efficiency!

Many refrigeration systems in the food retail environment (walk-in boxes and reach-in display cases) comprise of older equipment and many businesses are unable to absorb the cost of replacing the equipment with newer, more expensive components.  But there are options out there to retrofit the systems with energy efficient measures that will reduce their energy usage. 

If you walk into just about any supermarket or food retail chain, you are likely to see some technological upgrades designed to make your interaction with them more efficient and pleasurable.  Especially since the start of the Pandemic.  Voice-activated product finders, credit card readers with tap sensors, targeted customer data through information gathering and analytics.  But one area of their business that has been slow to adopt innovation is their commercial refrigeration systems.  Walk-in Boxes both coolers and freezers, meat and produce units and reach-in display cases are often older equipment operating at full capacity 24/7/365.  For many food retail businesses, it is simply not cost feasible to replace their systems with brand new equipment.  

So, with attractive rebate packages, many are looking at efficiency retrofit to bridge the performance gap.  With how simple and effective it is to retrofit the systems, most, if not all, should take a hard look at incorporating energy efficient measures.  After all, the commercial refrigeration systems are the biggest energy user within supermarkets, accounting for about 40 to 60% of electricity consumption, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Buying new-higher efficiency refrigeration equipment can be cost prohibitive, which is why targeted retrofits or upgrades to existing systems may make the most sense for many food retailers, especially the smaller footprint stores.   

The beauty of these refrigeration retrofits is that there are measures for every budget level.  From replacing the insulation on the suction lines to large scale controls, there is likely a solution for everyone.   

For instance, Intelligent Controls:  Your system doesn’t have to run 100% of the time! 

Intelligent automated controls offer huge opportunities for energy savings and performance improvements.  Reserved more for a business’ walk-in boxes, this solution can reduce the entire footprint of a store’s refrigeration system by 30-50% .  The controls take over the operation of the system, based on preset temperature set-points and cooling schedules.  Refrigeration Technologies ArtikControl™ can also incorporate anti-condensate door heater controls and defrost cycles into their management.  

And depending on the state and the utility provider these controls often qualify for energy efficient rebates or custom incentives.  This will decrease the upfront capital costs ensuring energy saving quickly.  To sweeten the pot even more, Refrigeration Technologies offers a program that requires zero money down and, in most cases, will positively cash flow the payments (depending on the kHw charged and the ROI).   

So, what happens next? 

Reach out to one of our engineers to schedule your baseline energy audit!!  I call it the proctology exam for your commercial refrigeration systems.  It is difficult to make actual improvements without knowing exactly what needs to be improved.   

At Refrigeration Technologies’, we save our clients’ money by manufacturing and selling smart innovation, retrofit refrigeration energy-efficient technology. Our products pay for themselves within 4 years installed in most cases and the resulting savings can cut your energy bill by up to 30% or more! As utility rates continue to climb, there has never been a better time to invest in cutting-edge technology and see massive savings as a result.

Our technology controls evaporator fans, room temperature, compressor/liquid line solenoid, and defrost heaters while providing multiple alarms when systems deviate from normal use. This provides energy savings that are verified by third party administrators & engineers.

ArtikControl™ maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor run times resulting from shorter defrost cycles. Also a reduction in excessive temperature that occur with mechanical defrost units and the use of latent Energy in the box reducing compressor run times.

With these features and benefits you can be sure your commercial refrigeration is as energy efficient as possible, saving you money on the ever increasing energy bills.

ArtikControl™ consistently monitors your walk-in coolers/freezers and sends out alarms via text and email alerts when problems arise so that any failure or temperature problems are discovered and addressed as quickly as possible.

Refrigeration Technologies will show you how to reduce food spoilage, monitor your temperatures and save energy. These are just a few of the benefits a refrigeration owner or operator will experience with the installation of ArtikControl™ WIC &WIF Technologies

For more Information about some of the most common problems that occur inside walk-in freezers and how our Technologies can give you Peace of Mind, save energy and more importantly put money in your refrigeration operations, please contact us at 888-286-3091 or email me at

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