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Female caucasian doctor checking on Covid-19 infected patient while connected to a ventilator at a hospital room

When lives hang in the balance, malfunctions often mean the difference between life and death

When lives hang in the balance, mistakes and malfunctions often mean the difference between life and death. Don’t stick with a system that leaves you vulnerable to equipment failures and allows your patients to suffer the consequences. With Refrigeration Technologies’ “Smart” ArtikControl™ system, you have complete control over your refrigeration units.

ArtikControl™ is a comprehensive control system designed to offer reliable and consistent Realtime monitoring to cooler/freezer units, both walk-in and Stand Alone. That includes providing important information via accurate and Real-Time alarms to alert you should possible problems arise.

In fact, our technology functions like a Personal Assistant for Vaccine Safety! We monitor your systems 24/7 so that you don’t have to worry.
We are facing unprecedented threats to public health and safety and precise cooling is absolutely vital. Don’t put yourself and your patients in a position where life-saving vaccines are lost due to unit failures.

ArtikControl™ Technologies: A Personal Assistant for vaccine safety. With Refrigeration Technologies’ “smart” ArtikControl™ monitoring, you’ll never have to worry about equipment failure or unusable vaccines.

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