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Transforming Energy Challenges into A Competitive Advantage

In today’s tough economic environment, our energy and cost management capabilities deliver a wide range of benefits that help our customers reduce operational costs, improve customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage.

Among those benefits:

  • Dramatic reduction in energy consumption and associated energy costs (a benefit that compounds as energy prices continue to rise)
  • Increased ability to meet anticipated energy consumption and emissions regulations, while achieving corporate objectives for lessening environmental impact
  • The ability to easily track and analyze energy consumption data, and to test and modify control configurations and parameters in ways that permit ongoing efficiency improvements
  • Rapid payback energy management solutions that improve our customers’ competitive position and generate positive public recognition for corporate citizenship from industry associations, government agencies and company customers.

In short, Refrigeration Technologies through — ArtikControl™ — is able to help our customers ably shoulder the burdens of energy costs and environmental pressures by taking a customized and comprehensive approach to achieving optimal energy management.

Inevitably, each customer comes to Refrigeration Technologies with different refrigeration configurations, equipment, needs and objectives, but all share the common requirement of reducing their energy consumption and cutting their utility costs. No company is better able to help commercial refrigeration customers achieve these goals.

If you would like more information on how to best save energy and more importantly money in your refrigeration operations, please contact us at 888-286-3091 or email me at

ArtikControl™ consistently monitors your walk-in coolers/freezers and sends out alarms via text and email alerts when problems arise so that any failure is discovered and addressed as quickly as possible.

We monitor your systems 24/7 so that you don’t have to worry.

Do you have a Talking Freezer?

Contact Refrigeration Technologies’ today to schedule a No Obligation Energy Audit(888) 286-3091

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