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Remember: It is All about Energy Efficiency .. or is it?

We’ve been talking for awhile about the benefits of switching out shaded pole motors in walk-in coolers and freezers in favor of more energy-efficient ecMotors and Motor Controllers. They are up to 80% more energy efficient than shaded pole motors, to name just one benefit. EC Motors are so beneficial, it seems, that federal regulations are beginning to demand their use in several states, including California. Sooner or later, you might have to take the plunge, too. Until then, we thought we’d give you six compelling reasons why you should make the switch NOW to ICE 59 variable speed ecMotors and ArtikControl™ WIC/WIF and not wait until you’re forced to.

  1. Energy Efficiency (Duh!): This point can’t be stressed enough. ICE 59 variable speed ecMotors are up to 80% more energy efficient than shaded pole motors. That’s because EC Motors slow the fans down when the compressor is off, instead of fans running at full blast 24/7. Energy consumed by the fans is dramatically reduced, amounting to significant energy and money savings.
  2. Long Life, Lower Maintenance: A typical shaded pole motor has 1-5-year (you hope) life span and an annual operating cost of $154 per fan. EC Motors have more than double the life span (15 years) and half the operating cost ($50 per fan). This makes them virtually maintenance-free, allowing you to spend more time on other important aspects of your business.
  3. Short ROI: This is especially important to the bean counters and number crunchers within your business. You can’t talk about an investment—no matter what form it takes—without talking about its return, or ROI. A lot of energy upgrades are known for their long ROIs—10, 15 years in some cases. No wonder a lot of business owners are hesitant to pull the trigger on things such as geothermal systems or solar panels. EC Motors for your walk-in coolers and freezers have an average ROI of <24 months. Now pair your new EC Motors with ArtikControl™ WIC/WIF and you could shorten that by a few more months!
  4. Easy to Install, A Cinch to Replace: The ICE 59 variable speed ecMotors and ArtikControl™ WIC/WIF generally have a standard size, mounting and accessories for easy install or replacement of shaded pole motors with an easy installation of the controller as well. It’s something your refrigeration or Mechanical contractor should be able to do for you in a few hours. Or, if you prefer, we have a network of Certified Manufactured Trained Installers. Just contact us.
  5. Less Heat, Less Noise: Energy produces heat. Even inside a refrigerated space, stand close enough to an evaporator box or put your hand on it and you’ll feel heat. By operating the fans at a low speed when no refrigerant is called for, and at high speed only when the system is actively cooling the refrigeration system, the ArtikControl™ WIC/WIF Controller uses less energy and thus creates much less heat. That means the system isn’t running at full speed 24/7, reducing energy, reducing heat, and reducing noise. We’ve had people tell us that on low speed they couldn’t even tell the system was on because it was so quiet!
  6. Mechanical Defrost and Timer no More:  Talk about an energy hog!! The system is timed to defrost every 4-6 hours whether it is needed or not.  Then it raises the temperature in the box to 300 degrees – holy cow .. talk about a spike in the electricity bill… why so high?  And what goes up must come back down after 30 minutes to the set temperature – another spike in electricity.  ArtikControl™ WIC/WIF Intelligent Technology replaces the old antiquated Mechanical Time Clock and only calls for defrost when ice or frost is detected in the box!!!
  7. Extended Shelf Life: The ArtikControl™ WIC/WIF Controller allows evaporator boxes to at variable speeds continually keeping the air movement in the box and the temperature even. This will help minimize the dehydration of perishables, thus extending their shelf life.

Switching out your shaded pole motors for EC Motors just makes common sense but bringing your boxes into the 21st Technology Century is a downright genius move! We hope you’ll take the plunge sooner rather than later because of all the benefits it means for your business. Contact us TODAY for a No-Obligation, No Nonsense, Site Assessment to see what you could saving (and what you won’t be missing) by installing EC Motors and the ArtikControl™ WIC/WIF Controller in your refrigerated space.

For More information on our technology, contact us at or call our offices at 888-286-3091.

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