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Living without refrigeration controls & monitoring is tough. So why not add ArtikControl™ Technologies to your ToolBox?

As many refrigeration technicians know, any tool that will improve his/her abilities to solve their clients’ emergencies effectively but more importantly efficiently is invaluable.  And a tool specifically designed to offer the best and most comprehensive, intelligent and interactive dashboard “Tool” is worth its weight in gold.  For many of Refrigeration Technologies’ Energy Service Providers and EaaS Companies, ArtikControl™ WIC/WIF, ArtikControl™ ACHC Controls and our respective Ease of Use Monitoring Dashboard, they have found the right tools to be used in the toolbox, making them look like the Refrigeration Stars in the eyes of their clients.

ArtikControl™ Intelligent Technology provides a real-time system functionality that not only offers the much-needed controls and monitoring but also saves energy; reduces the carbon footprint and money off the bottom line daily.  The system is taking readings of the boxes every minute and provides e-mail and text alerts when and/or if there is a problem with the boxes.  We have heard from Clients and Technicians alike, that they have peace of mind knowing that their product is constantly being monitored.  As a contractor, it offers a vital and reliable services.  You cannot put a price tag on peace of mind these days, especially during those long months of the Lockdown.

All of this makes perfect sense because the fear of losing perishable products is very real and can be very expensive.  I recently was reading a report put out by the USDA: “In the United States, food waste is estimated between 30-40% of the overall food supply.”  This estimate was based on estimates from the USDA’s Economic Research Service of 31% food loss at the retail and consumer levels which equates to 133 billion pounds and $161 billion worth of food in 2010 alone!!

Our Clients have shared that having user access to ArtikControl™ Dashboard who we have named “Arti” has reduced the number of nuisance calls which makes everyone that works on the refrigeration system happy especially the contractors that are repairing the systems.  Gone are the days of driving a long distance to check on the system for what may just be a minor repair.  In the long run having a predictive analysis/troubleshooting tool saves a lot of time and money.  Many of the repairs can be handled online remotely before the problem gets too large, for instance initiating defrost remotely if a coil is icing up.  

Another tool in “Arti’s” Toolbox is the ability to see exactly when and where an issue began which is paramount as it leads to faster troubleshooting.  An automated text or e-mail is sent to everyone on the daisy chain notifying them that there may be a problem with the system.  The best part of the Dashboard is the ease of use for the Non-Technical/Non-Refrigeration Layman. 

Refrigeration Technologies’ controls can be retrofitted into any refrigerated environment to include walk-in coolers and freezers; cold product display cases; stand alone/portables and reach-in cases.  All the clients are seeing gains in their equipment’s performance as well as loss mitigation, and by the way, between 40-60% energy savings (except for the Stand-Alone which are predominantly used for controls and monitoring temperatures).  Our clients range from school districts to universities; hospitals to pharmaceutical companies, grocery stores and restaurants.  Any company that is using commercial refrigeration needs to check out the tools in our ArtikControl™ toolbox.  ArtikControl™ Dashboard eliminates the detailed “stubby pencil record keeping” that is so time consuming and unreliable.  The controllers are taking readings every minute and at the end of the month will compile a report and e-mail to anyone that is put on the daisy chain.  This offers tremendous benefits for Clients that are looking for detailed historical reports.

Savings are great but what is more important for a large school district – not losing equipment to a catastrophic failure and/or worse, the food or product stored in the units.  While the savings are great, it is the level of protection and fault detection that has the underlying true value customers always share with our engineering team. 

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to power or equipment failures and food loss.
With Refrigeration Technologies’ “smart” ArtikControl™ system, you’ll never have to worry about a freezer of unusable food.

ArtikControl™ consistently monitors your walk-in coolers/freezers and sends out alarms via text and email alerts when possible problems arise so that any failure is discovered and addressed as quickly as possible.

In fact, “Arti” is your Personal Assistant for Food Freshness & Safety!
We monitor your systems 24/7 so that you don’t have to worry.

Do you have a Talking Freezer?

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