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How Cold Should My Commercial Freezer Be?

I am sure if you own or have been around commercial refrigeration, you know by now that it only takes a few degrees to separate profitable food from food waste.  Store Food in temperatures that are too warm, and it will spoil.  Store food in frozen temperatures for too long and you will run the risk of freezer burn.  The key to avoid costly food waste is storing it in the right conditions.  So, the question I need to ask is what temperature are your boxes set at?

For proper food storage, the ideal temperature for commercial freezers is at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  This keeps the food completely safe for consumption by preventing bacteria from growing in the frigid temperature. 

But just because the food is Frozen, does not necessarily mean that it is safe for consumption.

What happens when there are temperature fluctuations?  How often does your food staff leave the doors open for delivery? For getting food items?  Are the ovens and stoves across from the walk-in boxes, thus allowing hot air into the boxes when the doors are open?  All these instances will cause the temperature to go up and down, thus causing inaccurate temperature readings especially if there is a prolonged exposure to outside air.  Another downside to frequent door openings is the build-up of frost and ice.   I have been at locations on delivery day in the southeast when the outside door is propped open as well as the walk-in box doors.  The fans are running, and the warm air is being sucked into the box, thus causing frost and ice build-up on the evaporator coils.

You will notice that the quality of the food will diminish over time, even at ideal freezing temperatures that will cause freezer burn.  Flavor, aroma, color, and tenderness will all be negatively impacted by prolonged exposure to air over time, so it is important to know how long you should keep food frozen and package it properly.  When food is properly frozen, it ensures that your foodservice operations is serving safe, high-quality food to your guests.  Not only will that reduce food waste but combined with energy efficient refrigeration systems, the cost savings will even be greater. 

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