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Scheduling Inspections of your walk-in coolers and freezers and assignment of tasks can mean the difference between units that are working efficiently and those that fail, especially when you need them the most.  To prevent your compressor and condenser from working overtime and/or breaking down, we suggest you use the following checklist items to optimize your preventative maintenance schedule:

  1. Make sure you check the motors in operation including all blades and coils.  If dirt is visible, shut the system down and clean the areas to insure proper air flow.

2. Make your compressor and condenser inspection a priority.  If the unit is outside, make sure there is no debris, leaves or obstructions around the grills. 

3.  Secure all electrical connections.  Insure there are no loose wires. 

4.  Check all the suction and drain lines.  Re-Insulate any damaged pipe insulation. Also, clean all drain and suction lines.

6.  ook for parts that are worn and/or are wearing down or maybe are not even working.  This may include parts that are inside the cooler/freezer and those that are outside.

7. Check the refrigerant levels.

8.  Test all Thermostat levels and if necessary, recalibrate them as needed to ensure accurate operation or install ArtikControl™ WIC/WIF. 

9.  Install and/or employ on-demand defrost capabilities or create a viable defrost schedule.  Consider Installing ArtikControl™ WIC/WIF to remove the mechanical defrost system.

Refrigeration Technologies LLC manufactures and distributes specialized equipment for commercial walk-in coolers and freezers as well as reach-in glass display cases in industries that rely on cold storage. The company’s Refrigeration Intelligent Technologies deliver key cost and energy savings through retrofit and upgrade devices that optimize the way cold storage systems operate daily, dramatically reducing the demand on electricity. Refrigeration Technologies LLC offers adynamic suite of Intelligent Refrigeration products, including ICE 59 spec Motors, ArtikControl™ Controller for walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers, and the ArtikControl™ ASHC Controllers.

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