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Back to school stress!

Heading back to school is never the easiest transition, but it’s been particularly challenging this year as we all adapt to our “new normal” and figure out how to function in a dramatically changed society.

Understanding what still works and what doesn’t is an important step towards building a strong foundation for a new way forward. Taking action to solve the things that no longer work, however, is every bit as vital for success.

Outdated Operations

One of the areas where the cracks are beginning to show the most is food refrigeration. How did your district’s commercial refrigeration fare when COVID shut down schools for months? Lucky individuals might not have suffered significant losses, but for many, the loss of food was staggering. The problem here lies with the inefficient and outdated refrigeration equipment used in most schools.

Safe food storage is imperative at any time of the year and under any circumstance, and the pandemic – and the impact it had upon all aspects of life – showed that manual systems simply don’t rise to the challenge.

Use it, Move it, or Lose it

When walk-in freezers fail, you have four hours to use the food inside, move the food inside, or lose the food inside if the system cannot be fixed. This is a difficult task during the best of times, but it proved almost impossible when no one was around to man these systems earlier in the year.

The result? Thousand of dollars’ worth of food left to spoil. Does this sound familiar? And what about the food programs designed to help families in need? The real losers in this situation aren’t those impact financially, but those impacted on a far more practical level. No one should have to go hungry as a result of preventable failure.

ArtikControl™ Technologies: A Personal Assistant for Food Freshness

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to power failures and food loss. With Refrigeration Technologies’ “smart” food refrigeration, you’ll never have to worry about walking into the kitchen only to discover a freezer of unusable food.

Our ArtikControl™ system is constantly monitored online and sends out text and email alerts when possible problems arise so that any failure is discovered and addressed as quickly as possible. In fact, our technology functions like a personal assistant for food freshness! We monitor your systems 24/7 so that you don’t have to worry.

For more information about ArtikControl™ and how we can keep your kitchen safe and your energy bill down, reach out to us for an energy assessment today! Give us a call at 888.286.3091 or email me at to schedule a Zoom meeting.

We’re here for you!

MaryBeth Yannessa, Project Engineer

Refrigeration Technologies LLC

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