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Automation is Replacing Humans

Automation is replacing human labor, for better or worse. So, in its effort to morph into an information technology industry, why shouldn’t refrigeration and/or cold storage tap into that trend?

That’s what ArtikControl™ is doing with new centralized refrigeration controls that can monitor various refrigeration systems at many stores all from one location.

The “multisite management” Dashboard to the company’s connected refrigeration also centrally monitors all the equipment’s energy consumption while looking out for maintenance issues such as system outages.

Refrigeration Technologies developed the ArtikControl™ features with all our clients in mind after our first generation FSC was launched in 2013.

The new features make it possible to create a network of connected stores. This helps the refrigeration/cold storage owner/manager to create and manage uniform refrigeration schedules for its stores from a single dashboard, to reduce its operational costs, ensure compliance, and to easily plan maintenance.

While it might seem that a store in a chain might want to manage its own refrigeration on location, where a manager can observe conditions and requirements firsthand, there are many advantages to the remote refrigeration controls.

“Current solutions require on-site visits to modify a store’s temperature settings and schedule, making chain-wide adaptations expensive and time consuming,” said Steven Wezel, President for Refrigeration Technologies’.  ArtikControl™ Multisite Management Dashboard is the first refrigeration control Dashboard that offers Bi-Directional communication thus providing the necessary flexibility required by owners today.”

Site visits by trained staff can be a big burden and a soft cost that is not accounted for in budgets especially when it comes to muti-site locations, as witnessed by many of our larger School District clients.

ArtikControl™ Dashboard takes away the need to go on-premises,” Steven Wezel said.  With the ArtikControl™ Dashboard, you can deploy this to any number of stores in a few clicks.”  There is no limit to the number of stores supported.

The system will also help save refrigeration energy consumption, as it monitors and controls all functions, including ecMotors; Compressor run times; defrost; temperature readings every 60 seconds, while offering predictive analysis and offers predictive measures.  It does not control other systems such as HVAC, although Refrigeration Technologies can provide integration into other Building Control Systems.

ArtikControl™ consistently monitors your walk-in coolers/freezers and sends out alarms via text and email alerts when problems arise so that any failure or temperature problems are discovered and addressed as quickly as possible.

Refrigeration Technologies will show you how to reduce food spoilage, monitor your temperatures and save energy. These are just a few of the benefits a refrigeration owner or operator will experience with the installation of ArtikControl™ WIC &WIF Technologies

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