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An Ironic Thing Happened Last Week…

An ironic thing happened last week. We got more responses from our “Senior Pet” blog post—on a site dedicated to commercial refrigeration upgrades, mind you–than from any other blog post! So while most of you like learning about the latest happenings in commercial refrigeration and cold storage, you really like reading about animals. Go figure! Goes to show we’re all pet-lovers at heart.

That being said, while we’re gonna stick to what we do best—educating you about EC Motors and Controllers for your walk-in freezers–we plan to give you more of what you want in the future….and that seems to be info on pet-related topics. You spoke loudly and clearly and we got the message!

And that’s totally cool with us because we’re animal lovers and pet-owners ourselves. We donate our time and resources to various pet causes and charities and view animals as extensions of our families. Based on the response we have received from some of our posts on Facebook, we’d say you feel the same way!

I’ll leave you with this cute video of a talking guinea pig. It’s hilarious. It’ll make your day. And I guarantee you’ll want to share it with at least one other person.

Enjoy — and have a great weekend!

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