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7 Quick Tips To Reduce Energy Costs With Commercial Refrigeration

The cost of energy is a significant concern for many businesses, especially those relying heavily on commercial refrigeration. You must keep your refrigeration systems running 24/7 to keep food fresh and safe for consumption, and that can lead to some hefty energy bills.

The good news is that there are ways for your business to cut costs on energy consumption. Here are some tips for changing your daily operations to reduce your business’s energy costs and carbon footprint without compromising on food quality!

Upgrade your refrigeration system

The first step to boosting your business’s energy efficiency is to research the market for a new refrigeration system and accessories (e.g., controllers, motors, monitors, etc.). The environmental protection agency (EPA) is clamping down on energy efficiency, leading refrigeration manufacturers to respond with more environmentally friendly and efficient systems. Such systems feature advanced technology that maintains optimal temperatures for food while saving energy in the long run.

Insulate your refrigeration equipment properly

Insulation is crucial when it comes to refrigeration. A well-insulated refrigerator reduces energy consumption because it prevents warm air from getting inside the unit. Make sure your equipment’s insulation is in tip-top shape so that it saves energy whenever possible.

Turn off unneeded refrigeration systems

This tip might prove harder to achieve than it sounds. If you operate several refrigeration units, make sure you’re only running the ones you need. The best approach is to label all your systems and schedule them to turn off when not in use to save on energy costs.

Regularly clean your refrigeration equipment

Dirt and dust will harm any refrigeration system’s efficiency, which can cause the equipment to run for longer than necessary. In turn, the equipment can consume much more energy than necessary. One simple way to prevent this from happening is to clean the condenser coil at least once a month (more if needed); just be cognizant not to damage it.

Keep the refrigeration equipment away from direct sunlight

The cooling mechanism of your refrigeration system can be severely impacted by heat, which can make them less efficient and increase energy consumption. Place any refrigeration equipment in a shaded area or fit it with shades if placed in the sun. Get creative to ensure direct sunlight does not impact your refrigeration equipment.

Set the thermostat to optimal temperature levels

It’s important to find the correct temperature balance to save on energy costs. Set the thermostat to the optimal temperatures as recommended by a professional or the manufacturer, and regularly check to confirm that the temperature is remaining where it needs to be.

Use LED lighting

The lighting inside refrigeration units requires energy. And LED lights can save significant energy compared to traditional fluorescent lights. Plus, LED lights are more durable and reduce the need for replacements that use more energy and cause more waste. Outfit your equipment with LEDs!


Commercial refrigeration systems are vital to many businesses, but they can consume a lot of energy and yield high utility bills. Remember the importance of reducing your carbon footprint as a company, and use the tips above to significantly reduce your energy bills without compromising your food’s quality and freshness. The bottom line is that minimizing your business’s energy consumption will save a considerable amount of cash in the long run, contribute positively to the environment, and establish your reputation as an eco-conscious organization.

Reach out to one of our engineers to schedule your baseline energy audit!!  I call it the proctology exam for your commercial refrigeration systems.  It is difficult to make actual improvements without knowing exactly what needs to be improved.   

At Refrigeration Technologies’, we save our clients’ money by manufacturing and selling smart innovation, retrofit refrigeration energy-efficient technology. Our products pay for themselves within 4 years installed in most cases and the resulting savings can cut your energy bill by up to 30% or more! As utility rates continue to climb, there has never been a better time to invest in cutting-edge technology and see massive savings as a result.

Our technology controls evaporator fans, room temperature, compressor/liquid line solenoid, and defrost heaters while providing multiple alarms when systems deviate from normal use. This provides energy savings that are verified by third party administrators & engineers.

ArtikControl™ maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor run times resulting from shorter defrost cycles. Also a reduction in excessive temperature that occur with mechanical defrost units and the use of latent Energy in the box reducing compressor run times.

With these features and benefits you can be sure your commercial refrigeration is as energy efficient as possible, saving you money on the ever increasing energy bills.

ArtikControl™ consistently monitors your walk-in coolers/freezers and sends out alarms via text and email alerts when problems arise so that any failure or temperature problems are discovered and addressed as quickly as possible.

Refrigeration Technologies will show you how to reduce food spoilage, monitor your temperatures and save energy. These are just a few of the benefits a refrigeration owner or operator will experience with the installation of ArtikControl™ WIC &WIF Technologies

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