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What does our Free No Obligation Refrigeration Audit provide?

Refrigeration accounts for 50% or more of total energy consumption. And energy costs are HIGH – and only getting higher. We have the modern technologies that will allow you to slash your energy consumption by 45% or more, saving money and profits.

Ready to schedule a no-obligation energy assessment?

Our Engineers will come in and inspect your equipment for possible problems and offer recommendations on how to make your refrigeration system more efficient and economical.

We perform the following:

  1. Check Door Temperature Readings
  2. Check Number of Evaporator Coils
  3. Check Fan Motor Voltages
  4. Check Fan Motor Horsepower
  5. Check Fan Motor Type
  6. Check Fan Motor Rotation
  7. Check Condition of Gasket/Seals
  8. Check Penetrations
  9. Check Evaporator Coil for Excessive Wear
  10. Check Compressor for Excessive Wear
  11. Check Cleanliness of Evaporator Coil
  12. Check Cleanliness of Fan Motor Blades
  13. Check Evaporator Coil for Unobstructed Air Flow
  14. Check Compressor for Unobstructed Air Flow
  15. Check Thermostat Setting
  16. Inspect for Refrigerant Leaks
  17. Inspect Electrical Connections
  18. Check Drain Pan for Debris, Obstructions, Ice
  19. Check Box for Excessive Ice/ Moisture Build Up
  20. Inspect Evaporator Coil for Ice Build Up
  21. Perform Thermal Scan of Refrigerated Boxes (if needed)

Contact us TODAY for a No-Obligation, No Nonsense, Site Assessment to see what you could be saving (and what you won’t be missing) by installing EC Motors and the ArtikControl™ WIC/WIF Controller in your refrigerated space.

Our ArtikControl™ is a State of the Art Intelligent Energy Saving Refrigeration Controller for the retro-fit of Walk-In Coolers & Freezers. An energy saving refrigeration controller with web-based scheduling and set-point optimization; integrated evaporator controls; adaptive defrost controls; failure alarming; predictive diagnostics and ready for demand-side-management (DSM) program integration, all while offering remote monitoring and control from anywhere via a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Interested in learning more about ArtikControl™ Line of Technologies? Please email me at or call me at 888-286-3091 extension 101.

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